Some of the biggest data breaches and hacks occurred in the last few years, including those that hit major companies. Looking at the level of cyber security advancements today, it is still a big question why it is usually relegated to just an IT solution. Why are major businesses and stakeholders not prioritizing it enough?

Companies seem to have a lack of adaptive security measures considering that hackers are now even more specific, targeting financial assets and data breaches. Some hackers may even install ransomware and demand money just to show how much control they have over a major company.

Let’s take a look at some of the issues of corporate cybersecurity and their appropriate response.

Upper Management’s Lack of Involvement

One of the main problems with improving cybersecurity in recent times is its lack of priority. The bigger corporations today seem to think their level of involvement is enough until they are hit with data breaches. What’s worse is they are similar to those that happened with other major companies and corporations.

All the major data breaches of the past few years have been the same: Sony, Yahoo, Facebook, Marriott, LinkedIn, and even former social media giant Myspace were hit with major cybersecurity issues. For sure, they have managed IT services but at what level? It is hard to think that they took their current level of incidence response and up-to-date network security for granted. All of them deal with digital services in varying degrees and are still quite vulnerable, as shown by these hacking exploits.

The issue may stem from higher management only getting involved if an actual data breach happens, and not in getting their company prepared and secured. A major company’s level of security should be among the priority issues discussed not only by their IT department. These issues have to be included in the major decisions of the board of directors and CEOs.

Reactionary Versus Preemptive Protection

Major companies and organizations seem to have just a reactionary action instead of
putting network security priorities into place. And that could be an effect of upper management not prioritizing dynamic and adaptive cybersecurity for their companies. Especially now that digital services have increased during the COVID-19 era.

Even smaller companies are using the strongest IT security software and services. These cybercrime events are an opportunity to address major companies’ cybersecurity with the increase in online activity.
We already have sufficient cybersecurity systems if we look at the level of the most advanced cybersecurity measures and strategies available today. Yet even the biggest companies fail to keep up. It is also not an issue of more funding and bigger budget allocations to buy the latest network security.

Cybersecurity is a dynamic field. You need to continuously adapt to cybercriminals’ ever-developing methods to preempt their next attacks and secure your company’s digital assets and networks. Some of the most damaging hacker activities such as ransomware, zero-day exploits, powerful malware, network attacks, and the good old data breach can be avoided by due diligence and keeping up-to-date to match hackers’ increasing level of proficiency.

It seems that cybersecurity is only dealt with if there are major cases that happen and extensive looting, data breaches, and damage to websites already occurred.


Cybersecurity isn’t just a standard network security solution today. It is dynamic and ever-evolving, just as the hackers who conduct them. Major companies seem to have less priority these days in dealing with cybersecurity issues before it happens, despite all the hacks and data breaches happening in the industry. If smaller companies are proactive at their level, so should the bigger players in the industry since they have more to lose and risk.

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