Data from 700 million LinkedIn users was stolen in the last couple weeks, including names, addresses, phone numbers, cell numbers, email addresses, job histories, and salary ranges. They presumably got your password. And YOU didn’t do anything wrong!

Unique Passwords Matter

This is precisely the reason you MUST use unique passwords for all your accounts. If your LinkedIn password is the same as your email password or bank password, then YOU MAY HAVE ALREADY BEEN BREACHED. You should check right now to make sure no unauthorized transactions have been made or any auto forwarding email rules have been created. Turn on 2-Factor Authentication using a text message or, better yet, an authenticator app on your smartphone.

This is a sobering example of why you need the Dark Web Monitoring included in our Security Stack 2021. It scours the Dark Web for any published client credentials, so we can notify them to change credentials immediately. Also, a Password Manager tool will keep up with unique passwords complex enough that nobody could remember or guess.

Cyber Security Is Always Changing

The bad guys have so many new ways to get at you that it takes a multi-faceted, layered approach. Every time they come up with a new exploit or hack, a countermeasure is developed, which then becomes a new layer in our ever-changing “Security Stack.” Comparing the cyber security of three years ago to today is like comparing a medieval castle to the full homeland security of the U.S., with all its satellite, intelligence, and military resources.  Here at SIP Oasis, we are constantly improving our methods to combat cyber security issues.

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