IT and Telecom made EASY.

Ron Shoe

Ron Shoe and Frank Moles founded SIP Oasis in 2007 to make IT and telecom EASY. They met on opposite sides of the technology gap -- Ron worked for a carrier / Internet provider, and Frank was the CIO of an insurance company. This gap, also called the demarc, traditionally fostered accountability problems, finger-pointing, and even animosity between carriers and network administrators. But Ron and Frank were determined to overcome this gap and provide clients a single point of contact and accountability for all their technology.

So SIP Oasis was founded to give clients what they so desperately need but struggle to find – someone to make IT and telecom EASY. First, foremost, and above all, you just want your technology to work. If it doesn’t work, you want ONE phone number to call, which had better be answered by someone who CAN HELP you and who genuinely WANTS TO. Furthermore, if something does break and technicians have to spend all day on site fixing it, you shouldn’t have to pay for that either. Your systems should just work in the first place.