We were founded to eliminate finger-pointing in 2007.

In the technology industry, it always seems to be the other guy’s problem. The internet provider blames the router; the network guy blames the internet; the phone guy blames the carrier; the carrier blames the phone system…. We take responsibility and accountability for ALL OF IT.

Our financial interests are aligned with YOURS.

Most guys bill by the hour, so they only make money when they’re doing work – i.e. when something is broken. And the more broken stuff there is, the more money they make. Our pricing model is a predictable, flat monthly fee. So, when we do a great job preventing problems, we are more profitable because we’re not burning unscheduled, unlimited labor hours.

A TEAM that’s FUN, yet business-minded.

Typically, tech folks don’t understand business, and business folks don’t understand tech, which leads to overly complicated and expensive technology with no business results. We understand that you don’t care about buzzwords or jargon, and that technology is an investment that must be profitable like all others. You need your people to be as productive as possible, as cost-effectively as possible.

You get one throat to choke.

You want your technology to work FOR your business, and you want one call to fix it if it doesn’t. We can provide and support your servers, network infrastructure, phone system, phone service, internet service, wifi, mobile phones, email, storage, security, disaster recovery, etc. WITH ONE RELATIONSHIP. We will even work to support your Industry Applications.

Support for both on-site and Cloud solutions.

The best solution is the one that fits your business and your applications. The Cloud is en vogue, and rightly so, but there are still plenty of instances where on-site is better. Once we understand your business, we can deliver the right solution – cloud, on-site, or a hybrid of both.

Experts in Managed Security & Business Continuity

We train your staff to recognize security threats and what to do about them. We monitor the Dark Web for references to your business, users, and credentials, and we take immediate action to alert users and change passwords. We provide industry-leading virus protection. Even so, you still need a Disaster Recovery solution that can get you back in business in minutes, not days.

We are your strategic technology partner

Technology expenditures should never be a surprise, and most can be budgeted well in advance. We meet routinely (quarterly at least) with each client to discuss their future plans and any subsequent technology requirements. Our clients involve us with acquisitions, office site selection and design, business expansion, application development, and more. These days, technology should be a consideration in every major business decision.