SIP Oasis:
A Manifesto


Our HERO is the ambitious Entrepreneur, Partner, or Practice Manager whose life is wrapped up in the success of the business – income, mortgage, retirement, even the kids’ college. They have a sense of humor but are constantly thinking about ways to improve their business, maximize productivity, and MANAGE RISK. They’re passionate about their business and take it personally when a competitor, hacker, or employee threatens their mission to improve the world.


Apathetic or complacent US businesses who are willing to accept UNLIMITED RISK by ignoring today’s threats. Business owners who think, “it won’t ever happen to me.” Foreign Governments seeking footholds in the US or leverage. Cybercriminals who believe that all Americans are rich and therefore justified targets. Global crime syndicates who employ thousands in an Enterprise organizational structure. IT and Cybersecurity companies who take advantage of unwitting customers with Projects and Hourly Billing. The Cybersecurity industry as a whole, which has bored and confused the entire US public into a state of wanton vulnerability, while the hackers get better every day.


Entrepreneurs, Partners, and Practice Managers who are mature enough to understand that THEY OWN ALL THEIR COMPANY’S RISK, and who are willing to have routine, honest, and candid discussions about CYBER RISK MANAGEMENT and CYBERSECURITY / REGULATORY COMPLIANCE. They understand that by getting buttoned up and taking RISK seriously, they can maximize productivity, retire earlier, and send the kids to college debt-free. We are for HAVING FUN while making clients SAFER FROM CYBERCRIME. You know, CybertechnoLOLogy!


The solo “IT Guy” who doesn’t have the time, desire, or skills to keep up with ever-changing threats and subsequent countermeasures. Technology companies that baffle their customers into spending money on things they don’t need. MIND-NUMBING CYBERSECURITY TRAINING AND CONTENT that BORES AND CONFUSES NORMAL PEOPLE INTO NEVER GETTING ANY SAFER FROM CYBERCRIME. ANTIcybertechnoLOLogy.

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Since Hiring Them, I Rarely Hear About IT Issues.

If you’re looking for an IT firm you can trust, hire the folks at SIP Oasis.  At first, I was nervous about switching IT companies, but I’m glad we made the change.  I’ve never regretted it.  Now I very rarely hear about IT issues, and I know for certain that if there were problems, my operations people would be the first to let me know!  Amazingly, our computers and phones just work so my team isn’t marching into my office to complain anymore.  That’s a great feeling.  Their fast response is exceptional.  It must be part of the SIP Oasis culture.  If you’re considering hiring them, I’d simply tell you to listen to Ron.  He definitely knows what he’s talking about, and he’ll keep his promises, delivering the quality service you want.

Chuck Gault President
Max Coating

Quick Response, Fewer Problems, More Peace of Mind

While the monthly costs may be hard to swallow initially, we actually save money in the long run because of the quick response time and fewer problems. We are very confident that the SIP Oasis team is protecting our data.

Brian Hammonds Owner
Brian' s Flooring + Design