Protect Your Business, Money & Reputation With The Ultimate Cybersecurity Defense And Compliance Strategy

From Exposed To Secure reveals the scams that are coming for your company and what to do to eliminate exposure and minimize risk.

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Cybercrime is a BILLION-DOLLAR industry and small businesses are the most heavily targeted victims.

From Exposed To Secure features top cybersecurity and compliance experts with decades of experience sharing the BEST security measures to protect your company from fines, lawsuits, loss of revenue and reputational damage.

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Right now, organizations across the country are alarmingly unprepared to handle a cybersecurity attack. You cannot afford to have an “It won’t happen to me” mindset any longer. After this assessment, you will be able to know with absolute certainty where the holes in your security are, so you can get in front of them ASAP.


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Here’s What
You’ll Learn

From The New Book, From Exposed To Secure:

The biggest cyberthreats that could take your company down. Page 18.

How to take the confusion out of compliance. Page 32.

The incorrect perceptions on compliance that could be putting you in danger. Page 41.

8 best practices to minimize risk. Page 63.

The surprising first line of defense. Page 72.

How to protect yourself from fines…and jail. Page 141.

10 strategies you must have in place to be considered for insurance. Page 174.

Critical steps to take immediately if you are hacked. Page 182.

How an IT expert keeps her own kids safe online. Page 205.

And much more.

When you’re a business owner, every dollar counts. You can’t afford to be vulnerable to increasingly sneaky cybersecurity threats. Jam-packed with proven and cutting-edge practices, this book is your weapon to outsmart hackers, stay in business and feel empowered to protect yourself and your company.

3 Benefits When Reading This Book

Protect Your Time & Money

Save yourself the hassle of cleaning up a mess by getting ahead of the threats

Focus On Growth

Implement these strategies so you can rest easy and focus on profit-generating activities

Lead With Confidence

When your business is protected, you can march confidently towards your goals without worrying that it will all fall to a hacker's scheme!

Ron Shoe and Frank Moles founded SIP Oasis in 2007 to serve the needs of customers in Birmingham, Alabama, and beyond and to give clients what they so desperately needed but struggled to find—someone who could FINALLY make IT and telecom EASY.

SIP Oasis provides white-glove technology and security services with top-line solutions engineered to help small and midsize companies meet business goals while managing costs.

Every business they serve—whether it’s a car dealership, financial planner, mortgage company, or multifamily complex, to name a few—first and foremost wants their technology to work. That was what they were promised when they signed up for service. And when it doesn’t work, they want ONE phone number to call, which had better be answered by someone who CAN and genuinely WANTS to help.

For whatever reason, when it comes to working with the managed services industry, it always seems to be the other guy’s problem. The Internet provider blames the router, the network guy blames the Internet, the phone guy blames the carrier, the carrier blames the phone system . . .

SIP Oasis takes responsibility and accountability for ALL OF IT because you should only have one throat to choke. You want your technology to work FOR your business, and you only want to have to make one call to fix things if it doesn’t.

You can count on SIP Oasis to support your network infrastructure, Internet services, Wi-Fi, mobile phones, email, storage, security, disaster recovery, and applications—all via ONE RELATIONSHIP.

Plus, they’ll work with you in a way that’s both fun and free of all the jargon and computer-speak. Ron is passionate about getting the message out about compliance and security in ways that cut through the oppressive techno-fog—with crazy content, videos, haikus, songs . . . whatever it takes. (They’ve even released their own craft beer, named “Breached Blonde Ale.”)

Known as the “Weird Al Yankovic of Cybersecurity,” Ron is a guitarist and musician and has written a number of songs about keeping your business safe from hackers. He met his wife, Kristin, in college, and they now have two grown kids. Along with music, they love to travel.

Ron graduated in 1992 from Furman University with a Bachelor of Arts in history. He also attended Indiana University Bloomington in 1991 for Russian language immersion and lived in Russia during the summers of 1992 and 1993.

Specialties include:

  • Network Management
  • Managed Security
  • Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • IT Help Desk
  • CIO
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Managed HIPAA Compliance
  • Managed FTC Safeguards Compliance
  • VoIP
  • Telecommunications
  • Cloud Services
  • Microsoft 365
  • Unified Communications
  • Customer Service
  • Call Centers
  • Systems Integration
  • Hosted PBX
  • SIP Trunking