Computer Monitoring on a work laptop

Businesses that rely on computers and the Internet must be concerned about employees using computers and network systems for personal use, accessing inappropriate content, downloading and distributing files, sending out spam, and otherwise allowing computers and networks to be used by unauthorized individuals. 

Some of these issues, such as downloading pornography, are criminal offenses and can lead to prosecution. At other times, such as when an employee is browsing the Internet for personal reasons, businesses may want to know why and how much time is being spent on personal tasks. Monitoring, recording, and logging computer usage and website activity will significantly improve information security.

How Is Computer Monitoring Done?

Businesses can monitor computer systems and networks with a variety of methods. Some of the most popular methods are:

  • Using network software to review online behavior and log activity
  • Installing keyloggers to monitor keystrokes to detect unauthorized passwords and access
  • Using web server software to track online activity
  • Installing network monitoring software to detect unauthorized access, attempts to breach security, and other suspicious activity
  • Using antivirus software to prevent computer viruses and spyware
  • Installing anti-spam software to reduce spam
  • Installing stateful inspection firewalls for increased security and control, and more

Why Your Company Should Invest in Computer Monitoring


It Gives Your Company Protection


Even with a network firewall and antivirus software, hackers and other unauthorized people can still access your company's computer systems and networks. 

There have been many incidents where hackers have found a way around firewalls and antivirus software or have been able to retrieve protected files or information from a computer system. All it takes is one security breach for it to be too late.

Using computer monitoring software is one of the most effective ways to secure a computer system. The various methods of monitoring and recording activity on a computer system make it possible to detect unauthorized access and intrusions before significant damage is done. 

Computer monitoring software can't prevent everything, but it will make it much more difficult for unauthorized people to access your company's software, systems, and networks.


It Gives You More Control


If you don't already monitor computer systems and networks, you may be surprised to learn how much time employees spend on non-work-related tasks. Although illegally using e-mail and the Internet for personal reasons violates company rules, it's also an issue of security. Unauthorized or non-work-related use of computers and the Internet can compromise a company's information security.


It Increases Productivity


Some employees spend several hours a day on non-work-related tasks, such as surfing the web for personal reasons, playing computer games, and downloading music and movies instead of doing company work. 

Installing computer monitoring software will make it easier for you to track the amount of time spent on personal tasks and provide the necessary discipline to get employees to refocus on their work-related responsibilities.


It Monitors Employee Work Behavior


Computer monitoring software can also be helpful when it comes to firing employees. If unauthorized individuals are accessing a computer system, it may be a sign that someone is trying to steal information or damage computer systems. 

If a company conducts computer monitoring, it can analyze the monitored data to provide additional evidence that may help with a court case, resulting in a more thorough investigation and stronger evidence.


Computer monitoring software is becoming increasingly common in today's high-tech business world, and it will only get more popular. Businesses that want to ensure their information is safe should invest in monitoring software. It can help track how much time is spent on non-work-related tasks and detect unauthorized access, attempts to breach security, and other suspicious activity.

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