Some people may think that hackers are always after big corporations, government websites, and more. The truth is that about half of cyberattacks occur in small businesses. Some people may question what small companies have that people are keen on hacking them.

Why Can They Gain from Small Businesses?

Small businesses may not hold as much valuable information or financial assets as big businesses and corporations do. Yet, hacking small businesses provide many advantages, making them an attractive target to hackers.

1. The Lack of Security

This is probably the biggest factor that most hackers are after. Small businesses often do not invest in cybersecurity as much as bigger ones. They carry this idea that no one will take an interest in them or their data because they are a small business.

This mindset allowed them to be hacked in the first place. While they may have some security measures, they do not create enough to protect themselves. 

2. They Are Linked to Personal Accounts

While this is not universally true for all small businesses, it is true for most. Because they are just starting, small businesses do not create accounts for the business. Instead, business owners would link or use their personal accounts and data to create this new channel.

However, despite it being a new account entirely if it is linked to a personal account, the personal details can be hacked. Most hackers are aware of this thing that business owners do, and that is why they try to aim for small niche businesses. It makes it easier for them to attack multiple personal accounts at once, hitting two birds with just one stone.

3. Easier Targets

Small businesses are often easier targets because of their lack of technical knowledge. For example, spam emails can easily get through, and employees may click on them. Because small businesses do not have the resources to provide training for their employees when it comes to being digitally savvy, their employees are easy targets.

Hackers are waiting for moments like this when their job is easier, and they do not have to do anything much.

4. Stepping Stones

Sometimes the attack on small businesses is not for the small business itself. Instead, they are used as a stepping stone to target a much bigger business. For example, the 2013 Target attack resulted in the data breach of about 40 million customers in the United States.

For a big corporation, one would expect it to have a strong security system, and it does. However, the hacker obtained the details of getting into the Target network by hacking a smaller HVAC business. This just shows that small businesses can become stepping stones for hackers to hack bigger businesses.


Small businesses are the perfect prey for hackers because of the lack of security on their end. The good thing is that there are ways to fight back against such attacks. If you are a small business owner, do not take this lightly. Take steps to prevent such attacks and stay safe.

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