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You’ve heard of managed services, but you aren’t entirely sure what they are or what they would do for your business. You’re not alone. 

Many business owners have had questions about managed IT services and how they could help their businesses. Additionally, many people wonder if managed services are right for them. The answer is: “it depends.” There is no one perfect type of business that is the ideal candidate for managed services. Let us explain.

Factors to Consider to Know if Managed Services is Right for Your Business

There are many factors that go into a decision whether managed services is right for your business, such as:


1. Company Size


Small businesses with fewer than 25 employees are the ideal candidates for managed IT services. Managed IT services can be offered to larger businesses, too. Still, the primary benefit will be a reduction to the company’s IT spend, which can eat a huge chunk off a small business’s budget. Remember, a managed service provider is essentially managing your IT infrastructure on your behalf.


2. Level of IT Risk


If your business’s IT infrastructure is critical to your company’s operations, it is more likely to be a good candidate for managed services.


3. Cost


The cost of managed IT services will vary based on the services the business chooses to contract with their managed IT service provider. The goal should be to choose managed IT services that will give your business the maximum return on investment.

The Best Fit for Managed IT Services

Now, who are the ones fit to have managed IT services?


1. Businesses With Regulatory Compliance Requirements


If your company has regulatory requirements for monitoring and ensuring that your IT infrastructure and data are secure, managed services are probably the right fit for you. Any business subject to HIPAA, PCI, or FISMA compliance requirements will likely benefit from managed services.


2. Businesses That Want to Save Money on IT


Managed services can help you save your business money by reducing the number of IT professionals providing support. You will not have to employ a full-time IT professional to manage your IT infrastructure. 

This means you will no longer have to pay for as many labor hours. Managed services providers also typically charge for their services monthly, which enables you to pay for only what you need.


3. Businesses That Want to Improve their Cybersecurity


Managed IT services can help your business have state-of-the-art cybersecurity. The ideal candidates for managed services are businesses with a high risk of data breaches. A managed service provider can help your business implement some of the most advanced cybersecurity measures, as well as keep your infrastructure as up-to-date as possible.

Should You Get It?

So, what does all this mean for your business? The answer is that managed services are the perfect solution for some companies and the wrong solution for others. Managed services can give your business immense benefits. From saving your business money to providing top-notch cybersecurity, managed IT services are a good fit for many businesses. 

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