How Your VoIP System Can Impact the Customer Experience

To run a successful business, you must ensure that your customers are always happy! Thanks to modern technology, companies can provide the best customer experience, build brand loyalty, deepen customer relationships, and ultimately increase sales.

Although email and live chat are essential tools in customer service, one technology trumps them all, promising to offer a seamless and efficient customer experience—Voiceover IP!

For more than two decades, VoIP has been instrumental in providing an excellent customer experience to telephone and now mobile phone users across the globe. When you invest in VoIP, you’ll indeed have happier customers and better business.

Here are some of the many ways VoIP can benefit your company and customers:


1. 24/7 Access to Customer Service


Gone are the days when a customer has to wait for a specific time to reach an employee or salesperson! Thanks to VoIP, your customers can contact a staff member whenever they’re in need, regardless of where the employee is. 

When an employee is out of the office, the customers’ calls will be directed to their mobile device or another telephone number, so distance or time won’t be a problem. Businesses can also ring multiple phones until one of them is answered, ensuring that customers will always have someone to speak to.

Since an employee is bound to pick up one of the calls, there’s a much lower chance of having to leave a voicemail message and putting their concern on the back burner. By responding quickly to their calls, buyers will have a better customer experience, building brand loyalty.


2. Readily Available Customer Information


Not all concerns can be addressed with just one call. Sometimes, customers have several complaints or problems, so they may need to contact your company more than once. Unfortunately, talking to many different employees means that you may have to explain their sales history repeatedly.

With a VoIP phone system, your customers or employees won’t have to go through the hassle of asking for contact details and sales history over and over! Depending on your VoIP system, you can view crucial information about the customer as long as they call your toll-free number.

With VoIP, your employees will have access to:

  • The customer’s contact information;
  • Customer notes from a previous agent;
  • Past complaints of the customer; and
  • The customer’s sales history.

Since your VoIP system has already provided all of the necessary details, employees can respond sooner to the caller and attend to the critical matter at hand. 


3. Direct Numbers for Each Staff Member


Some customers prefer to speak with the same employee—they might have been pleased with the customer service representative’s personality, prompt response, or excellent service. Whatever their reason may be, it would help to allow them to contact the employee without repeatedly calling to get ahold of them.

Another great feature of VoIP is that it provides every employee with their own number and extension, so customers can reach them directly if they prefer to. By having direct numbers, employees can strengthen relationships with customers while also helping customers avoid having to tell their stories over and over.

Moreover, the direct numbers of your employees could also be used as emergency lines for phone calls after business hours or be given to VIP clients.


Phone calls are still very much relevant, even in today’s increasingly digital society. Thanks to VoIP, businesses can provide the best phone service while adding a human touch to the customer experience. Given the countless advantages of investing in VoIP, what more could you ask for?

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